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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Thanks so much T-Man. This has been a wonderful read chalk full of useful information. In my years of treating ADD-PI, I have moved from Concerta -> Concerta + Ritalin -> Adderall IR + XR -> Focalin IR + XR -> Adderall -> Vyvanse -> With multi year break -> until about a month ago landing on Dexedrine IR 10 x3 daily (I had missed one too many doctors appointments and meetings and decided it was time to do something).

What a wonderful medication this is, finally something that gives me hope ADD medication isn't the work of the devil. Prior to dex all the other garbage caused huge anxiety, introversion, major mood swings, sweating, tinnitus, hard core crashes, insomnia, anger, and aggression and the desire to drink, a lot as they wore off.

Thankfully I no longer drink and this all seems so different with Dex, although not consistently. Occasionally the Dex will feel like Adderall with all the unpleasant baggage that made it unbearable. I suppose I should chalk it up to Barr and their manufacturing process.

You sound similar to myself. In your needs and benefits desired from stimulant therapy. Currently I'm on Klonopin for anxiety and the Dexedrine. That said with this shortage I'm terribly worried. Today took 5 hours and 8 pharmacies to find 82 of my 90 pill Rx.

I've read about Desoxyn for years and always had a desire to try it out if for no other reason than to put another notch on the belt. Are you still content with the medicine ? I desire, focus, working memory improvement, mild pro energetic effects, some drive but without the laser hyper focus that can lead me down all sorts of unproductive paths (I write and work in the field of Social Media) and most importantly I desire a medicine that doesn't inhibit my social abilities.

Even with the Dex at work I occasionally hear my old familiar Adderall voice, soft, hindered, apprehensive, and just plain lacking confidence.

With all that said, purely guessing, do you think this medicine might be of benefit to me ? I'm social, can speak fluently (when I can think), but mainly struggle with higher cognitive functions. I.e appointments, organization, memory retention in the short term, and accurately adjusting my behavior to the REAL amount of time I have to accomplish something, if you know what I mean.

Anyway you've inspired me and I think I would like to speak with my (very open) Dr. next visit about Desoxyn. When I'm clear headed, confident, and together I can move mountains, when I'm sweating, anxious, overwhelmed, and unorganized it's a mess. Thanks for any and all input.

Oh ! And last but not least. Does the pharmacy have to order the medication specially for you ? I'm assuming yes but curious nonetheless. Also just for the sake of humor, what sort of looks do you receive when you roll up to the pharmacy with a Desoxyn script in hand ? Anything worth noting ? Thanks again !

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