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Miserable, alcoholic death

My friend's brother died yesterday morning. He was 55. He always had a problem. He was so impaired from years of drinking that 4 months ago he was in the hospital for alcoholic dt's and seizures because he was trying to stop drinking on his own. That was 3 weeks. Then he went to a physical rehab for 2 weeks. His job had a final offer- substance abuse rehab or no job. He still couldnt quite care for himself and actually had to go int a nursing home because he needed care from the permanent damage he had done. He got released and his addict girlfriend brought him home and right away he drank. Got a third DUI and was facing 6 months in jail.

His lawyer said if he went into rehab and AA he might be able to avoid jail but he refused. The lawyer couldnt help him anymore. He appealed on grounds that he was too sick and frail for jail. In the meantime right away he started back up with beligerant calls to his sister and family.

I dont know if anyone else is familiar with this stage of alcoholism but its combative, beligerant, angry, bitter out of your mind stuff where you literally live your life in a sick and miserable way-harrassing people because your mind is warped and you are half living in the past and not really sane.

Physically you lose weight cause all you do is drink. You injure yourself from falling all the time and your body has a hard time healing from wounds because your immune system is so damaged. Your liver hurts, you shake, you smell like alcohol all the time and have poor hygiene. You often have this weird way of walking. Its hard to describe but being around enough people in recovery I have seen it before and its neurological. You often pee yourself. You are past the point of vomiting and often cough up blood from esophogus tears.

His sister and I are in a 12 step program together and its really saved us even though its not for everyone and he had tried in the past. He had some years of sobriety but always slipped. Its been an important lesson for me.

Midnight tuesday he passed out in the bathroom and the GF called 911.He had gone in to cardiac arrest. They got him breathing again and he needed a respirator. He also had a mini stroke. The hospital called my friend at 2am but she didnt get the messages until 6am. She went to the hospital. She was told he was not going to have any sort of life and they decided to let him go. The other sister was on her way from FL and they were going to remove the vent.
The nurse told my friend that she didnt think he would make it that long. His pressure dropped and he died at 820am yesterday morning before they could even remove the breathing tube.

My friend was ready and it was only a matter of time. I didnt know him so I can be an objective person in this.
If you have a drinking problem please do not self detox. I did and it was so dangerous. The only thing I think that saved me was the lamictal I took for bipolar.
DO not do it alone. Go to detox at least, hopefully rehab.
If you take to the AA thing, stick with it. If you found another type of support network or learn a different way in rehab, do not be complacent. DO not bury those things that made you drink.

Do not be fooled into thinking that you can safely do it alone- or that you can safely drink again.
If you think an alcohoic makes the choice to drink-once you have had that one drink the rest is not a choice. The sickness is so strong that it makes you think you are not that sick.

I have witnessed a painful, miserable,sick,pathetic, lonely death from alcoholism. I am thankful it wasnt me or my family member but it could have just as easily been me.
Please get help if you need it.
Its dangerous and deadly.
This proves it to me.

Your family suffers with you so dont think you are only doing something to just yourself.
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