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Re: Any M:TG players? Come share your decks!

Just shipped out 18 more cards on today...will recieve a bit over $100 for them.
I've now shipped out over 200 cards with a value of about $1,200 and have received over 800 with a value of around $1,250 through puca in the last 8 or so months. I can't believe how much puca has transformed the way I'm able to enjoy this game (by allowing me to trade so easily and cheaply with people around the world).

I'm just 5 lands away from having a playset of the new Battle For Zendikar dual lands. I'm not super excited about this dual land cycle, but I seem to be more excited about them than most are.
They are MUCH weaker than shock lands...sure...but honestly, I'm just thrilled I've got new toys to play with, with my fetchlands. Wizards could print something like:

Tap Underground Sea
Land -- Island Swamp
(T: Add U or B to your mana pool.)
Tap Underground Sea comes into play tapped.

And I would've been excited. The fact that these BFZ duals have a chance to come into play untapped is just awesome.

Anyhow, the only 5 I need now are 4x Smoldering Marsh and 1 more Canopy Vista.

I'm also going to use my puca points to pick up the remaining 3x Lumbering Falls and 3x Shambling Vents that I need.

So I'm excited I love collecting lands. For whatever reason, they're my favorite cards to collect in this game.


I've also been loving Battle For Zendikar.
When the full spoiler went up several weeks ago...I was very disapointed. Outside of the lands...there just wasn't anything there for me. I'm a modern and commander player with very little interest in standard...and BFZ just has so little for me to get excited about for modern or commander.

But I went to the midnight pre-release just for the funs...and man, I had a blast opening the packs!
The tiny chance to open an expedition, and the full art basic in every pack...just made opening the packs fun. With my winnings from the tournament I was able to open 10 packs that night...and I was hooked! lol

Plus it turned out to be a hell of a fun limited set.
So I went back to draft it on release day last friday and also picked up a box. haha I was so addicted, that I went back yet again on saturday to buy yet another box of it and to draft yet again.

My first box was awesome...I pulled all sorts of nice things (no expeditions). The rares and mythics from the box had a value of well over $150 (paid $115 for the box at my local gaming shop that holds all the tournaments).
The other box was a MAJOR stinker though. The only thing of note I pulled from it was an Ulamog. In total it's value was less than $60. lol I'm kinda sad about it...worst box I've ever opened...but than again, I had a lot of fun and it is a gamble. You win some, you lose some.

But friday and saturday's drafts were amazing! I LOVE drafting this set! There's just so freaking many different decks you can build within this set. Aggro, control, landfall, allies, awaken, devoid, life gain, flyers...I mean...there's just so many options!! It's freaking awesome, and they can all work if you pull the right cards.

In Friday's draft, my first pack had a Guardian Of Tazeem in it. Bomb AND reusable pseudo removal on a 4/4 flying beat stick...for 5 cmc??? YES PLEASE!
And then I just continued to get passed tons of awesome blue and white flyers! I couldn't hardly believe it lol.
I ended up drafting a blue/white flyers deck...had 12 flyers in it with a perfect curve. I had flyers at 1cmc through 7cmc (Emeria Shepherd) but mainly at 2 and 3cmc. Add in a handful of removal spells, and my deck freaking rocked.
I ended up winning all 3 rounds of that tournament. Each round consists of best of 3 games vs. your opponent...and in rounds 1 and 2 I went undefeated. But then round 3 came and I was pitted against a girl who was also undefeated that night...and she stomped the heck out of me game 1. She curved out perfectly...turn after turn. It was pretty sick and the game was over very quickly.
But I made a comeback! Took her down games 2 and 3 for the win .

The next night's draft was equally as fun.
My first pack had a Dust Stalker in it. also had a foil full art swamp in it as well. /, I SOOOOOOOO wanted that freaking swamp! I was SO tempted to just take it. But dang it...I took the Dust Stalker.
And in the end I'm so glad I did! I was being passed everything I needed for a kick a** devoid deck! 2x Forerunner Of Slaughter, 2x Nettle Drone, 2x Kozilek's Sentinals and a couple of Swarm Surges...and my deck was awesome! Add in a bunch of burn (2x Outnumber, 2x Stonefury and even a Rolling Thunder) and it was great!
By far the MVP of the deck was Swarm Surge, followed very closely by Nettle Drone. Surge was a beast though! Giving my army of critters +2 attack AND first strike was just nuts!

I won that tournament too . I thought for sure I was going to lose in the final round though. I was playing a guy who had gone undefeated that night...and in game 1, I found out why. He was playing blue/white awaken fliers and it was pretty bonkers haha. He just completely dominated me the entire game in game 1. It didn't help that I drew into 4 or 5 lands in the mid-late game (grrrr!).
The next 2 games were insanely tense. I loved playing against the guy, cause he took the game so freaking serious and was deeply concentrating and just very serious. I love that! I'm the same lol.
I just barely squeezed out the victory in game 2. Nettle Drone did a TON of work for me that game.
Game 3 was crazy. We were both hitting everything we needed to hit and curving out perfectly early game. He had a slight advantage over though as he had a couple of flyers I couldn't block.
And then it was a back a forth kind of thing for us there for awhile...swinging and blocking.
On my final turn, I was down to 2 life, while he had 2 blockers and 9 life. He also had 3 flyers (tapped from attacking me on his last turn)...each of which were lethal on his next turn on their own.
But he had no cards in hand, and I top decked a removal spell to kill off one of his 2 blockers, and then I went to cast Swarm Surge, which was just barely enough to push through enough damage to take him out.
It was pretty intense.

I enjoyed deck so much that I decided to turn it into a budget standard deck (with all the rest of the cards I pulled from all the boosters I've opened).

Here's where it's at:


4x Sludge Crawler
4x Forerunner Of Slaughter
2x Kozilek's Sentinals
4x Nettle Drone
4x Dominator Drone
2x Vile Aggregate
4x Dust Stalker

2x Molten Nursery

4x Touch Of The Void
4x Swarm Surge
2x Transgress The Mind

LANDS (24):
4x Bloodstained Mire
1x Blighted Fen
1x Blighted Gorge
2x Looming Spire
10x Swamp
6x Mountain

Every spell in the deck is devoid lol. Is it super powerful? Heck no. But it looks fun as heck and I really think I should be able to hold my own with it...put up a good fight at my local FNM's.
Also, by removing the 4 bloodstained mires (maybe replace with +2x Evolving Wilds, +1x Blighted Fen and +1x Looming Spire), you can purchase this deck for less than $13 online.

So the last couple of weeks have been a blur to me. I've been completely obsessed with mtg lately.

I Miss You.

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