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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Originally Posted by FiguringItOut09 View Post

That said, I am wondering how open I can/should be with my students. I know that it may be helpful on a relational level to connect through the shared experience, but I also don't want to potentially put myself in a awkward situation. I would never tell a student anything I don't want the whole world to know (obviously, since they're TEENAGERS!!!), but I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on this.

My two cents, Iam not a teacher, would like to be at some point. However, I was in spec Ed classes all through school. I can't tell you what it would have meant to me if one of my teachers was open with me about their struggles. ADD and or LD. To know that someone else was successful with it, would have been huge when I was a kid.

Think how vulnerable kids are at that age. When I was in school I wanted nothing more then to fit in. Obviously I did not do that. I had to go to the special room each day for "resource" and I had to take my tests there. There end nothing "normal" about that.

Had a teacher, any teacher I had at thT point said they had dealt with the same thing, or that they understood what I was going through would have meant the world to me.
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