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Re: Calling All High School Teachers with ADHD

Thank you all! Like many of you I have much of my career (20 years teaching hs science feeling like a fish out of water). I have a history of not planning and much delayed and haphazard grading. I over-focus on a teaching one topic or grading one assignment and neglect many other things. I dread parent calls and abhor this powerschool parent portal bs that is a window into my gradebook.

I love my students and I love science. I believe in what I am doing and want to do it well, but I have so little faith left in myself. I am so tired of disappointing my students, my colleagues and myself. Now my daughters are students in my school and they have to deal with their Dad's reputation.

I am trying to use Gqueues with Google calendar manage tasks and time and exercise and meditation to manage my brain.

Teaching involves SO MANY tasks and decisions, I would love to find a support group for teachers with ADD/ADHD

Let's wake this thread up! What WORKS?
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