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Re: brain fog and adhd

Thanks for all of your replies people just an update.

I call adhd service two times as over the holidays thinks,were very bad but i was told the second time there is Twenty people before me to se adhd service so i have to wait approx 8 weeks.

I can hardly function its every single day. yesterday, i did not cook our fish properly because i could not think straight.

I hope to try gp tomorrow to se if they can help work out what it is.

not sure if its anxiety. its at a point where i just cant do anything i like doing . I nearly broke my new glasses yet again but managed to fix them.

if gp doesn't do anything i may have to try the hospital as i am worried i am going to have an accident like this, I can tell the adhd side of things but this blarr feeling is not right i thought it might be my antidepressants but am on 25 mg now from 200mg with no difference.

Thank you for reading
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