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Re: brain fog and adhd

heh, in my experience, I know the zombie thing well. I think we can often identify with things (in otherwords, wear a pseudo mask) that compromises our behaviors and who we are. we all wear masks, like, in saying "I'm a musician" that is a mask, in reality I'm a human that can play a musical instrument. in otherwords, say I'm going to college in a few weeks, I dawn the mask of a student by saying something like "I'm going to be the best student I can be", then the associative set of skills are active and I talk and walk like a student. however, I'm not a student, I'm a human that is going to go to college in a few weeks.

it's odd to think about, that the masks we dawn can affect who we are in that light, however the behavior change associated in taking off a mask (with an ego statement or I statement). so, with yourself in mind, just say like, outloud "I'm not a zombie, I'm a human being"

those types of masks are defense mechanisms (to my understanding atleast). we have adhd and the message we can receive by society is one of misunderstanding from society itself so we put on a mask of "otherness" to alleviate (at one point in time when the going got tough) the pain.

thing is, people with adhd often have unique strengths that others don't have. going into a flow state and creativity are two strengths that are often sought after that are like, first nature for me at-least. so on one hand, other people can see the work we can do and be threatened and on the other, you know, people with adhd just want to be who we are. threaning on one hand to others because of the amount of work that I and I'm suspecting others with adhd can barrell though with ease, but quarantening of ourselfs (assuming there) and our abilities precisely because our own natural abilities can be threatening to others and not really ever finding a good balance (other than working on your own which sucks after a while). while not being, you know, this self that we are, ya that brings brain fog cause we can think the correct path is to do what others think we should (having other people control us), however, ignoring the self and what we are good at (what the brain needs to be sharp) is the exact thing that promotes foggy brains.

finding that balance is key.

I would say think to when you were a kid(talking to both of us here) and what you enjoyed doing, because most of us, when we where young, went along with the natural self, the stuff our brains pretty much told us what we were meant to do and to be optimal. when you find what feels right to do, it just feels right to do, and ignore the naysayers.
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