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Question brain fog and adhd


Since very young i have had issues with my thoughts drifting and losing focus and having a hyper mind

I have had my first meeting with cams and it went well even though i kept the guy 30 mins over his time lol

The adult cams had there meeting ten people were present and i have been referred to an adult adhd centre for more checks.

my main issue at the moment is i cant function its like a tipsy feeling every single day but to the point where i nearly got run over.

if i use the kettle i have to even watch my mind doesn't drift

also i have broken my laptop screen as i was not thinking properly.

all tests from gp were fine even MRI scan what i need to know is has this happened to any of you before.

I take sertraline 50mg at moment i used to take 200mg dont think its that.

I used to have a car but not now. I am also job hunting but I know i would not be able to hold down a job I just cant even listen to my music as it makes me hyper and sets the adhd off.

can any of you people relate to this I just don't know what to do

Thank you for reading
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