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Re: "I want to start but I can't!" has meds helped for anyone who has this problem?

This is a bit late, I realize, but better late than never? I just saw your post.

Before I say anything more, it should be noted that I've only been on meds (Adderall, 20mg XR in the morning with a 10mg IR booster later in the day) for a few days, so this isn't so much a long-term observation as a just-starting-on-meds-and-so-far-so-good thing.

I think I've gotten more done this week than I have all year. Not the big stuff, but the little "I need to do this and I want to do it but I can't get started" stuff. I'm not in school this summer, so I don't know if it'll carry over from returning phone calls, paying bills, filling out insanely complex forms, etc., but so far... absolutely.

I've had the same to-do list for months now, and plenty of things have been added but very few had actually gotten done. I started on Adderall Tuesday (like I said, just starting on meds) and managed to get the to-do list sorted into categories (phone calls, errands, stuff around the house, stuff on the computer, etc.) and then moved a few items from each category onto my calendar for the week until everything had been distributed and no one day was spent doing only phone calls or only errands, or anything like that.

There were a few things I couldn't force myself to do on the "due date"-- all of them related to paperwork surrounding my father's death. (He died in April of last year, and there are still a few things unrelated to the estate that I need to tie up. The sad thing is I've known about them for a year and when they're done I'll have about ten thousand dollars more than I do now but I haven't been able to make it happen.) I figured out pretty quickly that even though it was simple stuff like filling out a form or making a phone call, when it came to the estate, I'm still too emotional about Dad dying to consider those tasks to be "as difficult" as some of the other things that were on the list.

I moved things around so that there was one day (today) when the *only* things I had to do were estate-related. I figured this meant I would have time to walk away and be sad, time to call a friend and get my mind onto something else, etc. As it turned out, once I knew I could have more time than the task "needed" to do the task, I was able to get everything done really quickly. I feel unbelievably relieved right now; the only thing I have left to do is get a bank to put a stamp on a form, and the bank I need isn't open until Monday. It's on Monday's to-do list, and I feel really confident in my ability to Get It Done.

This is a long, rambling way of saying "yes, meds help."
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