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I have only just been diagnosed (last week) at age 39 after so many dead ends & years thinking (and others thinking) that I was the problem. I am glad to have finally got an answer for the feeling that there was "something else" apart from the PTSD, depression and anxiety that I have had to deal with. I started on dexamphetamine the day before yesterday (it is 12:45 in the morning here) and it seems to already have started working for me. I have gone back to uni close to 20 years after failing to do Commerce and Mandarin language, which are strengths that I have been able to identify for myself. I know that I am not going to be able to regain those "lost years" but I am now concentrating on what I can achieve in life with the help of my "support crew" ie doc, counsellor,psych & meds. I am thinking it's not so much a case of "getting my life back", rather "what can I do with my life for the rest of it to feel more fulfilled?"
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