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Re: Who started, manages, pays for, etc. this amazing forum?

Originally Posted by Aquablue View Post
I, too, am impressed with this community and in the past 10 or so days since discovery have wondered (a lot) about:

a) its roots/how it came to be
b) its funding
c) how, in a cyberworld seemingly immune to censorship even when needed (malicious cyberbullying against middle- and high schoolers, for example) the forums uphold high standards while maintaining an ethic of tolerance and inviting people with add/adhd of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves freely.

Last but not....I ordered this wrong, it belongs on top....I am touched and heartened by the kindness that lives here. I have in the past belonged to 5 or 6 on-line discussion groups and professional communities characterized by generic respect and cordialness. But none had a small fraction of the kindness, in pure form, that exists here. What I mean by pure is people helping and caring for others without looking back or ahead, without slinging personal s_ _ _ or expecting any reward. Nothing is more of a turn-on to me than random kindness.

Thanks much for this Q. and A.......Oh well, back to work
Nice post Aqua.....I agree completely. I don't know the originator David, but I have to assume by the way this board is maintained by him and the cool Mods that this is a labor of love. The lack of advertising ANYWHERE on these threads tells me that there was no ulterior motive in bringing this to fruition.

Other boards seem to be created not to help the participants as much as help line the pockets of the creator(s). The products may look the same at a glance, but it's only when one spends a bit of time on here do they notice the difference.

Note to David and the Mods: Thank you very much on behalf of everyone for your thoughtfulness and dedication to maintaining the integrity of this site. It is greatly appreciated!
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