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Re: Non-apnea Sleep Disorders Are Far More Common Than Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Originally Posted by 20thcenturyfox View Post
And both are far more common among ADHD sufferers.

Research up to 2011 conservatively estimated insomnia at 6-15% of the general population, while OSA was estimated at 2-4% (though higher in men and at older ages). It is recognized that both disorders can, but don't necessarily, co-occur.

Note that among ADHD populations, 75% were found to suffer from disordered sleep of some kind: ( ), whereas "only" 20-30% suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea ( ). The Science Daily article goes so far as to ask if ADHD is not really a sleep disorder.

Considering that we know ADHD is a disorder of SELF-regulation, and also the links that are piling up between sleep deprivation and heart disease, Type-2 diabetes, dementia, mental illness, even cancer, I'm surprised so few of us are putting a priority on figuring out how to get more and better sleep.
I think I've non-apnea sleep disorder. Because my sleep quality improved incredible when i was using ritalin. Also wellbutrin had improved my sleep quality.
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