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Ya, i apologise to the board if i came off the wrong way saying that i research this or that. I really did not know because i was so used to posting in that faction on another board. But anymore, ill use facts or what actually occurrs in my body. But alot of the readings i do recieve are for the most part lagitamit, but it comes down to the fact that everyones brain chemistry differs. So , if Zoloft or adderall, did great for me, and i said ," oh zoloft and adderall are the best for add, and depression" i do agree this is not a good statement. Now saying it just like well these meds worked well for me, is not bad.

I just seem to pile all this info in my head and sometimes just feel like posting it. I know when i was a manager at a GNC, we could not tell people that a particular supplement or herb would cure or help them. It had to be worded more like, from what i hear, it works, or in the magazine, studies were done, feel free to read it.

I myself get confused when people, (mainly on this other mental health board) would post all types of stuff, and would be confusing. One guy would say such and such med works great for depression, then someone else would post and say its horrible and doesnt work. So. well.

Just to finish, brain chemistry is very very complicated, and trying to learn it all or try to say that this drug or that supplement is a sure fire approach, well maybe to them, but due to the fact that our brains are so complex, not one substance doesnt work for everyone.

I basically realized that my problem was never properly diagnose by a doctor, and the meds i would be perscribed would not really help me. Trial and error was my deal, after seeing numerous doctors. Even doctors , dont know for sure if a medication will work for sure, esp. when it comes to natural remodies. But i do apologize if i came across confusing or posting in a medical type manner.

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