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MindResearcher, Thanks I'm learning!

Originally Posted by [/size
MindResearcher]...slowely titrated down to 5mg, then stopped. About 2 days later, i was getting electric shock sensations through my head and body. ... i mean 2mg for like a while then stop.

How high was your maintenance dose before you stopped ?

The following I'm just going to have and re-read and figure out how I would get/mix/obtain (I see myself with a cubbord overflowing with vitamin bottles)... L-Tyrosine , must be taken with vit B6 and vit c to convert it over to dopamine. ADD is related to dopamine difficiencies ...naturall add meds ... L-tyrosine, Munuca Prurriens, NADH, even Phosphytidlserine both increases acytlcholine and Dopamine. ...

... Zoloft and welbutrin, both have the same + sign listed for dopamine Reuptake, although zoloft had more for Seratonin reuptake.
No wonder so many on the forum are also on Welbutrin

I suffer from Social anxiety but it could be from having ADD, because persons with ADD TYPE 2 display antisocial behavior, lethargic depression, unmotivated, lack of joy in life, life is just boring and everything you do is boring. ...
You could've been writing about me!

Wouldnt stimulants be effective in your depressed phase? Then manic phase, more so a benzo, or sedative.

It seems the Zoloft almost flatlines or nullifies the ups and downs. I don't miss the downs but truthfully I do miss the ups. I waaayyy don't look forward to any of the electric shock feelings you mention above.

I hope i didnt cofuse you

Thanks, greatly appreciated you taking the time to answer all!
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