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sorry if im confusing you. I dont mean to be a know it all. I sometimes get carried away and babble on. But what i cant do is try and answer or explain what i mean. First, with the SSRI's, iv been on zoloft for 2 yrs, then was switched to Lexapro with no problem. Well i decided to stop ssri's and even slowely titrated down to 5mg, then stopped. About 2 days later, i was getting electric shock sensations through my head and body. I know it is releated to SSRI withdrawl because this is a side effect profile on the data sheet. Actually you have to like take it down to like splitting the pill in like 4 halfs and take them, i mean 2mg for like a while then stop. I just stopped after 5mg a week. So, i jumped back on lexapro and the shocks stopped. Yes it doesnt relate to add, but some people are on SSRI's and also have add.

The post on dopamine and natural medications. THis is tricky. Some supplements dont work for others, timing and the proper way to take them. L-Tyrosine , must be taken with vit B6 and vit c to convert it over to dopamine. ADD is related to dopamine difficiencies and you see some of these naturall add meds with dopamine precursors,such as L-tyrosine, Munuca Prurriens, NADH, even Phosphytidlserine both increases acytlcholine and Dopamine. Now this is iformation i get from books, or other resources. And there not just so guy on google or something posting it. I make sure the information is backed up by other studies.

As for bipolar, im not too sure. That is one mental health probelm im not too sure off, except for people with bi-polar, get there ups and downs, manic phase, then depressed phase. I know medical wise, depakote, lithium. As for natural meds, mmm, fish oils and choline. But you can find alot about it by searching online, to find out more.

Zoloft, in the psychotropic medicatioins edition 10, they have a listing of TCI's, SSRI'S , along with Remeron, serzone, Welbutrin. effexor. Then they ist the Neurotransmitters and the binding relevance buy using + or - sing. It goes up to five plus +++++ meaning it is or has the most binding ability to the specific site, and - means it has the least or none. Zoloft and welbutrin, both have the same + sign listed for dopamine Reuptake, although zoloft had more for Seratonin reuptake. Welbutrin actually had more norepinephrine reuptake! Well thats what the good ol book of psychotropic meds said. But some say its dopaminergic. For Add, i dont think its a great drug. Neither does alot of others who post about it. But maybe adding welbutrin to adderall or ritalin, may help more. Trial and Error. But note, via your doctor.

I suffer from Social anxiety but it could be from having ADD, because persons with ADD TYPE 2 display antisocial behavior, lethargic depression, unmotivated, lack of joy in life, life is just boring and everything you do is boring. For example, and how i know i have this type, before i started adderall, i would maybe spend 1 hr tops if i felt like it online. I would sleep alot more, i would not tend to go out unless i was drinking or high. But now, im still not like mr. social and doing carweels in my yard, LOL, but i sure do spend about 8-10 hrs on my computer, doing work. I talk a bit more, my mood is increased, but now, if i had bi polar, and i was in say the manic phase, im sure id go off the deep end with a stimulant. But that is only my opinion. Wouldnt stimulants be effective in your depressed phase? Then manic phase, more so a benzo, or sedative. I still dont know how lithium works, besides its a salt .

I hope i didnt cofuse you
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