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Medication and Social Anxiety

Hello , im posting about this thread, i just noticed this board and felt that i should be posting moresoe on here. I also suffer from social anxiety, but also it can be a part of ADD. For the Longest Time i thought it was depression, and i kept taking SSRI's or 5HTP thinking its a seratonin problem. But no meds ever helped. Remeron was the only med that worked, but only for sleep and next day anxiety, and Klonopin or xanax helped for anxiety, but neither gave me any type of social interaction or drive, initiative, calm energy, not like the energy or stimulation from ephedra where your shaking.
So i would use drugs. THen either use drugs, or alcohol, or i would not get out of bed. Or do anything. After 5 yrs of this, boy its a hard habbit to break. So i figured out maybe i have some other issue, and i read a post buy a person on another board who quit drinking, and said he took Dexedrine , Klonopin and some zoloft, and he was a different person, like a social butterfly.
He also sounded pretty knowledgeable about ADD and medication. So i went ahead, and made an appt to my P doc, (former) and ran it buy him. First thing he said is OH no, first of all you have to get a special test at such and such a place. OK, well then, he said, and im not perscribing you any stimulants or benzos because you have a past with alcohol or opiates. OK, so he went down the list and gave me Zoloft and remeron. SO im thinking, about a week, ill feel alot better. Well a week later i did feel alot better, taking vicodin and beer.!!! Well all that money spend on a pdoc who never gave me correct advise or meds. And i tried most SSRI"s, Desipramine, EFFEXOR (horrible), and even gabatril, ect. NOthing.

So basicallly, I ended up going out of town to try a new drug called SUBOXONE, for opiate addiction, which did help alot, for withdrawl and some cravings, but no high, even though some people do get high from it, but, this is a newer type of opiate maintenance drug, instead of methadone, you dont need to go to a clinic and its only a partial opiate , and a blocker.
So, this doc, i brought up to his attention, and gave me that add test. WEll, yes, i was perscribed adderall. So my point is I take 4 medications, Lexapro, Klonopin, Adderall, and suboxone. Now due to the fact im clean for a few months, i only use Klonopin if im anxious, or a small dose a day, and im down to 8mg of suboxone daily, from 24mg. Lexapro, well , its sorta hard stopping SSRI's because of that ELECTRIC shock feeling you get, so i stayed on it, but i know lexapro isnt doing much but maybe keeping my mood from slumping into the dark. So if i picked apart my meds, i would have to say adderall is def. the best med im taking for motivational, creativity, add, and even depression.

But now that iv bneen saying that tolerance builds up so fast, i know i cant take it and feel it all the time, but ill do my best to get the most benifit out of it, by proper diet, supplements, or even maybe having my adoc add some welbutrin. THough, i may become anxious, so ill have to take a bit more klonopin. But with medication, its like trial and errror.

As for supplements, i do believe taking them along with meds can help, esp amino acids precusors, so you naturally resore you Neurotransmitters from the constant release of catacolamines. Taking about 5 days off every month , keeping you uirne alkaline, diet, working out, and taking supplements that increase dopamine levels, would be the most you can do , without adding more drugs. Now my process is to wean off these drugs, adderall being the least i would try to stop, because it works so well.

I dont see how straterra would work, because its basically norepinephrine med. So, i dont see much progress from that, and welbutrin doesnt have much dopamine reuptake as they claim. Just look in the Psychotopic handbooks. ONe book compares all the meds and zoloft had almost the same reuptake of dopamine as welbutrin. ALthough welbutrin had more nE reuptake.

Just wanted to post this. BUT back to social anxiety. I dont believ ethere is a drug like perscription, besides oxys or something, thats makes you social like 6 beers or methamphetamine, but i sure dont want to feel like im not myself, and shut eveveryone out , and just sit in my room alone.

As i research more info ill post it. I hope the information can benifit some.

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