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Books that have helped a college student..

Hey guys, I'm in college and I've read these books and am reading the books by David D.Burns and I seriously recommend these books to you folks whether in college or not, because they've helped me and are helping me.

Note: These are not books specific for ADD treatment etc...but books that have helped me even though I'm ADD.

Learning Skills for College and Career : by Paul I. Hettich
{THis one really gives you stull backed up by research and chapters are written by ppl. specialized in their stuff}

First things first : By Stephen Covey (NOT the one that says, to live, to learn and to leave a legacy)
{It's a pretty interesting time management book and don't expect wonders but do expect yourself to understand the difference between importance and urgency, and trust me it's worth it}

The anxiety and Phobia Workbook : by Edmund J. Bourne Ph.D
{Great for coping with anxiety}

Feeling Good - The New Mood Therapy - David D. Burns
(for Coping with depression)

http://The Feeling Good Handbook - D...<br /> <br />
Therapy is AMAAAAZING.......every1 should go for it:-) lol!

"A mistake in judgement isn't fatal, but too much anxiety about judgement is." -Pauline Kael (film critic) {From the book:Learning skills for college and career}

"If you think educations is important, try ignorance."- ex-President of

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