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Re: Attention. What is it? How do you know that you have enough?

Increased information uptake from the external environment (Doors of Perception open) - no working memory.
In the moment.
Working memory - I can feel a resistance to accepting anything into working memory (knowledge) unless it can be resolved into understanding.
'Any fool can know, the point is to understand' -- Einstein.
To refuse entry of information which I can see is flawed; working memory is hopelessly overswept by the increased information access which the ADDer has access to.
There's too much information to store.

What would happen if drowning in a flood of information - have to work to stay afloat by resolving it.

So - the idea would be to retract from the working memory paradigm into reflection?

I don't work in real-time. But real time isn't real time is it ?
Just social convention - that we must operate through speech and not writing.

Why do monasteries often prevent speech and encourage writing ?

If we imagine saccades much like a camera set on 'burst mode' - then the number of images coming through in ADHD is far increased over the nonADD state.
This principle feeds back into KD's two threads on HSP.

ADDers really are HSP.
ADHD understood - simple information sensitivity.
Attention geared towards information handling.
Other calls on attention fail to captivate the ADD mind.

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