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Re: Resentment

I agree with Fuzzy. I can't imagine you not being resentful if you still think you are doing more than your fair share of work.

I think you guys should also consider hiring someone else to do some of your chores and or figuring out ways to eliminate some chores altogether.

I think him taking on some additional chores will help to even the split between you two. But if to make it even, he has to take on more chores than he can handle, it's not going to work. The removal of some tasks will help make splitting work as close to evenly as possible, easier.

Also, are there some tasks he already does that you just don't put a value to.? Like maybe he's the one that picks and buys the electronics in the family and sets them up or maybe sets up the family photos/videos backup. I used that as an example cause I do that myself. It actually takes a while to do and I think he would feel more valued if you appreciated and placed value on his contribution to the family in a way he might be better at than anyone else. Plus it can make you feel like the work load is actually more evenly when you count his hours doing these types of currently unvalued tasks.
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