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Re: What does narcissist and psychopath mean?

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post

And then there's the psychopath who does think about other's needs and
thinks about ways to use that need to their own benefit.
I had read an article that said the traits of a psychopath often help them attain executive positions in companies.

I always thought it was because of the "me first" and lack of empathy for others that allowed them to "shut off" inhibitions for the sake of the best interests of those around them in the workplace that neurotypical people aren't comfortable doing.

I always thought that type of person would stick out like a sore thumb as being entirely self-serving and not a good leader because of it.

But now that I read what you said about them actually being aware of others' needs and using them to their advantage, it's no wonder so many of those people are successful in the upper echelons of executive management positions because as the leader of the company, their own success is inextricably woven with the success of the company they run, so it appears more that they are ruthlessly making the company successful at all costs, rather than just all out for themselves?
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