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Re: Complicated Situation

Originally Posted by bothandneither View Post
My problem with sarahsweet's post is the problem I have with most everyone around me. They are telling me how I feel. There's other issues too but there's no need to go into it.
We all have a natural need to feel validated by others, and it must be frustrating to you when others don't believe you.

Originally Posted by bothandneither View Post
My self-awareness level is fine. I dunno how to objectively prove that, but Im more than willing to take MRI's and do cognitive testing for any doctor if necessary and have said this many times to those around me.

I can prove this kinda but won't do it here. My dosage of methamphetamine was always consistent and never increased over the three years I did it.
Yeah, it's probably best to not post too many personal details about illicit use. If it matters to you, I think that the account that you've provided makes sense. None of us can know 100% that you're telling the truth, but what you're saying seems consistent with someone who was self-medicating for ADHD.

Originally Posted by bothandneither View Post
There's the thread 'the holy grail, deoxsyn journal'. His experience is exactly mine. The 'high' is barely perceptible, It makes me feel like me, and gives me the energy to participate in life and not feel constantly repressed. I think I said this already, but it was never about fun, only about normalcy. I hate so much that right now I can barely move and can't concentrate on anything. It makes my depression even worse. I want to be productive and love life so much but I can't. It's impossible to describe why I can't right now, I just can't. It's hellish.
Your psychiatrist diagnosed you with ADHD, which means that he recognizes that ADHD significantly impairs your life functioning in at least two different settings. He prescribed you Vyvanse, so he recognizes that Vyvanse can be an effective treatment for ADHD. My guess is that he would be okay with prescribing you Vyvanse again, provided that you can show him that you're now clean, and that you can be objectively held accountable to take the medication as instructed and stay clean.

It's super common for ADHD to cause symptoms of depression. In that regard, stimulants can raise your mood indirectly by removing the debilitating effects of ADHD. In general, stimulants can also raise your mood directly, regardless of whether or not one has ADHD, but this effect is not stable, and to maintain the effect requires constantly raising the dose and abusing the route of administration. That distinction might seem subtle, but it's really important.

Just explain how your ADHD causes you to be depressed, and how stimulants that treat your ADHD allow you to be not depressed.

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