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Re: Donít let disability excuse worker misconduct( Article)

I wrote a post response, but think it was inadvertently lost before I could submit it for review and posting. If it did go through and I am unable to tell, due to the requirements of moderation, please feel free to delete this post.

I realize this is a very old thread, but I wanted to add to what I consider an important (and 'timeless' as one poster described) topic/issue. In the last several years I have noticed employment applications have a question on whether the applicant has a disability, and if accommodations are required for claimed disability. There is an accompanying list of medical and psychiatric conditions to choose from and a field to enter a condition not on the list. I am uncertain if applicants are required to answer the question, yet whether answered or not could create a difficult dilemma.

Of course I, like I imagine the majority of people, prefer honesty, however IF one is honest with a person(s) or institution (company) who is not operating from a point of honesty, this requirement of disclosing a disability could very well be disastrous. At the very least it could possibly open those who are already vulnerable to exploits to further vulnerabilities.
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