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Unhappy Re: Donít let disability excuse worker misconduct( Article)

I have my two cents to add to this (no pun intended). Im not sure how many of you who spoke so negatively of this woman, know what it is like to find whatever job you can get. Also to assume that she has the financial resources to find legal advice seems inappropriate as well. Allot of these comments were downright mean and make me wonder if the respondents actually have ADD or are one of those who were given a diagnosis because they wanted one.

When I was diagnosed at 31 with ADD, I tell my prospective employers, because . 1) They will know before they hire me, what kind of challenges they will have to deal with, and weather or not it is something they are wiling to compromise on 2) It helps me to not set myself up for failure. Having a disability isnt a "try harder" kind of thing, and when you are doing your best and it still doesnt cut really makes wanting to live life difficult.

I feel they should have given her a probationary period. If it worked it worked, if not, then that is that. At least she wouldnt be under the assumption that the employer would be wililng to work with her.

Also, I dont know how many of you have had perfect workplace social interactions, but i have often heard many different things from different co-workers regarding how things should be done. If you bring it up to your supervisor your seen as belligerent....this was before I even knew I had ADD.

So to all of you who are so critical of this woman and you dont even know her, I insist that you stop being so mean. This place is supposed to be supportive, and being made to feel like an idiot if you happen to relate to this woman, in a place that is supposed to be emotionally safe, is not appropriate conduct.
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