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Re: Advice on Dr. or facilities in Edmonton,AB ?

Originally Posted by IAISIS View Post

I am wondering if anyone here lives in Edmonton,AB,Canada and has had a positive experience with diagnosis ? As i don't have a regular Dr. i go to medi centers when i need to. i am looking for somewhere other than that to go be assessed. I am 30 years old and more than positive i have ADHD as i have been living with it and reading books on it for almost my whole life(since 14). It is getting to be more and more bothersome as time progresses, and i think i am at the point where i would like to try some form of treatment. Just so i can pay attention. Just a little bit lol. For longer than 0.02 seconds. Other than when I'm hyper focusing lol. Well you all understand haha So if anyone has had a good experience within Edmonton and would like to pass on the or location of a ADHD knowledgeable Dr. or facility. I would be very great full. Thank you.

Sounds like we are in similar positions. I am looking for a good psychiatrist for a formal diagnosis, but not sure if I want treatment yet. I will let you know what my search comes up with.
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