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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Thanks for all the kind words! I'm really glad this thread is turning into a one stop destination for Desoxyn information. I spent hours scrounging up the information included in this thread. It isn't easy to find...

Ok, lots of questions! Let me just break this down a bit.

Onset: Desoxyn has a very rapid onset. My first dose typically takes effect within five minutes. However, the onset is very subtle and gradual. You have to be very self-aware to notice much effect before the hour mark. Adderall and Dexedrine wake you up in the morning, which brings faster clarity. Desoxyn is the king of clarity, BUT you still have to fight through the early morning fog.

Duration: Desoxyn lasts about an hour longer than Dexedrine. The duration is comparable to Adderall. However, it is effective for the full five hours, without the peaks and valleys of other IR stimulants.

Appetite: My first daily dose of Desoxyn has a mildly anorectic effect. After that I have no problem eating.

Insominia: I must first state that I can sleep in the middle of the day on any stimulant. I have no trouble getting to sleep at night... if I want to. On Adderall I never wanted to sleep. If I was not constantly engaged in a productive activity I was very irritable. Desoxyn has the least impact on my sleep schedule.

Cons: Desoxyn is very rarely prescribed and extremely expensive. If you don't have an open minded physician and good insurance, it probably isn't worth the trouble. Also, Desoxyn can be difficult to dose because it only comes in 5mg tablets. Also, the slightly sedating effect will be undesirable to some. However, this effect also makes it ideal for those with co-morbid anxiety or OCD. Desoxyn is quite anxyolitic.
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