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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Originally Posted by Cocobee View Post
@ tambourine-man, Would you say that desoxyn is smoother than vyvanse? I'm currently taking vyvanse and would say that it is alot smoother than the concerta I was taking, almost to the point it may be too smooth if that makes any sense. I would really like to try desoxyn but just don't know if it would last as long a vyvanse. Could you give some comparisons between vyvanse and desoxyn from your experience?
Desoxyn is smoother than Vyvanse. It is undoubtedly smoother than any other stimulant I've tried. Is this a good thing?

Well, that all depends. Adderall made me a productive robot... but sometimes I miss that state of mind. Yes, my personality is a bit diminished, but life is certainly easier.

Desoxyn feels closer to Vyvanse than Dexedrine, but is easier to control.

My issues with Desoxyn have nothing to do with the medication itself, but the difficulty of paying for it.

Like any other medication, the dose of Desoxyn has to be just right. I need three doses a day, but am currently taking two because anything less than 15mg is too sedating to get anything done. 15-20mg is absolutely perfect, but I can't seem to split my prescribed amount into three effective doses.

As I mentioned, Desoxyn is just far too expensive to increase my dose. I'm considering taking Dexedrine or Adderall in the morning and afternoon, but keeping Desoxyn for the evening when I am more inclined to relax. I don't know if my doctor would go for this, but it would certainly be more affordable and I wouldn't have to give up on the Desoxyn completely.
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