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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Originally Posted by Mister Marcinko View Post
I have two questions for you kind sir regarding desoxyn. (btw I'm currently on d-amp 10-30 ir a day).

1)I have had some difficulty with sleep on d-amp but have had the blessing
To be rx restoril ( a benzodiazepine) to aid me to crash a lil softer in the evening and ease the come down which has been moderately difficult. The restoril has aided me to atleast sleep and induce peacefulness but on to how this is relevant to my question. How is sleep even feasible on desoxyn?

2) Being on Dexedrine in know I have put my dopamine and norepinephrine transmitters at risk for down regulation and possible damage as well as the inevitable harsh recovery of the balance of these mechanisms if i chose not to continue w/ meds; I have atleast seratonin to rely on as d-amp has negligible impact on this transmitter. This is not the case with desoxyn as it has more involvement with seratonin. How do you deal with the come down of desoxyn I can only imagine how bad it might be granted it appears to be a more gradual decline than d-amp?

Thanks for any input t-dog
I must be weird. I can take 15mg of Desoxyn and lay down for a nice nap. I could do the same thing on Dexedrine. I don't experience crashes.

I will say Desoxyn would probably be less likely to make you crash and easier to get to sleep on.
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