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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Originally Posted by tambourine-man View Post
I don't want to increase the dose because Desoxyn is EXPENSIVE.

As much as I love this medication, it really isn't worth the cost at the dose I need. A month's supply of my current dose costs $500!
Wow, that is absolutely absurd!!! I can't believe a generic medication costs that much! That honestly blows my mind.

I'm lucky to have insurance, so it was $5 for 14 pills but now that I look at the pamphlet it would have been $55.99 without insurance, which if I was using 30mg a day without insurance, a month supply would cost roughly $655

I don't blame you, there's a point where cost isn't worth effects but it's disgusting to me that if you found your (closest thing to a) perfect medication, you would have to stop because of Pharma greed! That seriously disgusts me

So even if it wasn't this elusive, barely ever prescribed medication, it would still be out of grasp for most people due to it's insane cost. No wonder it's not heard of much.
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