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Re: Pulling All-Nighters?

Originally Posted by Sandy4957 View Post
I am 44 years old. I first recall doing this when I was 6 years old. I made it my New Year's resolution to learn how to stop doing it four years ago. I now finally no longer do it. It took most of the last four years to get to this point.

Here's the thing... If you are in college now, then you are still (believe it or not) in the "easy" phase. You can still compensate for this sort of work habit because you're smart. But one day it WILL catch up with you. Whether it's in graduate school, or a job, or whatever, it will eventually turn out that you can't run on on overdrive (because that's what you're doing, right?) forever.

In my case, I did not write (or study, really) until the last minute because every time I started to do so, I got anxious. I can see now that that was the case. At the time, I just told myself that I was lazy, or a procrastinator.

So let's ask this: what are you doing when you're NOT studying/working on the paper? What happens if you get yourself up at 9:00 am, paper due two weeks from now, and try to work on it?

Describe that process not just from an outsider's view (i.e., what your physical behavior is), but also from the inside. What are you thinking as you sit at your desk at 9:00 am, coffee mug in hand, pen and paper at the ready (or computer at the ready, as the case may be). What goes through your head?
Sorry for the late reply, It was spring break last week and I wasn't around.

Ok, so what happens if I try to work on something that's due two weeks from now? I would probably be pretty relaxed about the assignment, even too relaxed because I know it's not due. I might open the assignment on my computer, but I'd probably also open Facebook and this site in other windows and focus most of my attention on that.

Besides waiting until the last minute and pulling all-nighters, I really don't have any problems getting stuff done (I don't get anxiety or anything like that to prevent me from doing my schoolwork). I just don't even feel any sense of urgency or the NEED to do things until the last minute, since it's worked out pretty well so far.
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