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I do some hair-pulling, mostly on my beard at itchy spots (thankfully near the edges, so it goes unnoticed). I haven't gotten fully diagnosed yet, just had my first psychatric appt last week, but the counselor I saw said he suspected AD/HD, and possible depression. I think I may also have issues with anxiety, mostly related to the things depressing me, and that's what I suspect drives my hair-pulling (and nail-biting, since I do that too). I don't do it because I have to, as OCD sufferers often feel, I do it because the pain is a release.

Not that it's a good thing; it's not. I'm hoping some meds will help me get over a lot of this stuff. But I wouldn't say your sister has OCD just because of the hair-pulling; as far as I know it's not a symptom that's diagnostically specific to OCD.
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