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Hair Pulling


Been awhile since I posted. I got dx'd with ADHD inattentive type in August and finally yesterday got in to be seen. Due to being poor I asked for the most inexpensive med with is the generic form of Ritalin and I can't even spell it yet. Anyway, I'm not posting about that, I am posting about my sister.

I actually have two half-sisters one who I always have thought of as ADHD-y and the other, who seems to be more like me. She just started college and she went in to be evaluated because she recognized some of my symptoms in herself and because she has the habit of "hair pulling". It's got a long easily-misspelled official name.

I did some reading on the hair pulling and found that while some label it as an OCD type of behavior it has a separate category all its own and isn't necessarily linked to OCD. However when my sister went in she was told she "probably" has ADHD and OCD (due to the hairpulling) and she was given a prescription of Lexapro. She is scheduled for a thorough eval in December.

What I'm wondering is if anyone else has done the hair pulling or knows anybody and whether there is any insight of the pathology of it, etc. The Lexapro is making my sister need something like 12 hours of sleep at night and I really don't think it's helping. She has said the hair pulling is mostly absent-minded where she is daydreaming and doesn't realize really that she is doing it, so it's not an "intentional" OCD like pattern. I don't pull out my hair but I have a similar habit with nail biting. I also find myself going off into those daydreaming things.

If I have ADHD and at least one or both of my half sisters do as well, is that a sign my dad probably has it too? Or just a fluke coincidence? I am all over the place with this topic... don't know exactly where to put it so it landed here.
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