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Re: Complicated Situation

I definitely was self medicating. Meth was never fun for me, it just made me feel normal.

I never increased dosage over the three years I was smoking it daily. There was always a threshold I would get to and would never be able to go above that in terms of 'highness'. Vyvanse and meth feel exactly the same to me, I just enjoyed the smoking aspect of meth. From what I've been told by a psychiatrist, this is how anyone with ADHD reacts to amphetamines. I made me feel like myself.

The psychiatrists and psychologists I have been to all have made me feel like **** for believing I need amphetamines of some sort to feel normal. It makes me really sad and alone. I dunno how to find a doctor who understands and doesn't judge me for who I am. I'm willing to try anything to help me get out of bed because right now it's all I can do.

I can maintain sobriety easily. I don't have to have it. But I want it so I can feel like Myself and live a normal life.

Thank you for actually reading and responding to what I've said.
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