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Does SR or XL work better for ADD?

I started Wellbutrin in October mostly for depression but I was hoping it would help with ADD as well. I take 100SR around 7AM and 100SR around 1 PM.

The first month was great. I had the motivation and energy to do things I had not had in years. My focus at work was MUCH better and I could start something and actually finish it.

Since around the second month it doesn't seem to be helping as much (mood is better, but ADD is not). Also, in 3 refills I have had 3 different manufacturers...not sure if that is why.

Anyway, I was thinking of asking my doctor to change me to 300XL instead of the 2 doses of 100SR. Is there general guidance about which is better? I know some effects build up over time, but I can often feel a difference after about an hour after each dose now. Is there a preferred manufacturer I should ask for (so far Sandoz worked best, Reddys not at all, and Solco seems to be in the middle).
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