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Re: Tired all the time

Originally Posted by Slang Tang View Post
Same here with the fatigue. I've been dealing with it since age 12 (am 30 now) but have never been diagnosed with anything. I strongly suspect endometriosis since the onset coincided with my first period.

The fatigue goes hand in hand with lack of attention, depression and amotivation for me. My brain feels foggy and slowed and everything is a giant effort. Stimulants are a miracle remedy for ALL those symptoms but I've never been prescribed anything other than SSRI's and similar worthless drugs that never worked for me. (I was on antidepressants for 9 years with zero improvement). As a result, I've resorted to grey-area stimulants like 2-FMA and 4-FA to manage my symptoms. They work wonders but I worry what they might be doing to my health :\

Without insurance I have little hope for finding a doctor who will take me seriously. The ADD aggravates the depression and feelings of worthlessness but I've yet to be formally diagnosed. Bah.
Have you had your T (Testosterone) levels checked?
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