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Re: The Holy Grail? -Desoxyn Journal

Interesting thread. I have taken Desoxyn together with Dexedrine IR for many years. My opinion is that they are nothing alike, but are extremely complimentary; two halves of a whole. I describe it as left brain/right brain. Dexedrine focuses to get the task done. Desoxyn allows you to not only "notice the flowers" but to stop and smell them on the way to the task. I find it allows awareness and socialization without distraction. It allows thinking without losing track. To concentrate and tackle the mundane however, it doesn't get the job done. That's Dexedrine's job. I don't know why doctors don't get that where one side of the brain is impaired, it''s compatible function on the opposite side is lacking as well. ADD needs both meds to feel normal.
And as for Barr 5 vs 10's- they are both a crap shoot batch to batch. Some batches are Strattera mis-colored, and a month of hell. The worst quality control of any medication I have ever taken. My hope is that Mikart practices strict quality control. That's all I ask. Dosing is just a tweak with consistancy.

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