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Re: Taking Pemoline

I am years late in writing this and probably will never be able to find if someone answers this--but --there goes.... I am ADD and have narcolepsy plus I have Cfids with fibromyalgia---CYLERT was the only med. that really helped me, but I had to take a very high dosage for it to work...and I had blood draws every other week---with no problems for years. I was sick when they stopped making it---I was able to organize things , it helped with strength and stamina, and even helpedwith the severe pain ----my handwriting was much better---and I could focus on the task at hand. now I am on 3 different physostimulants and at least I am not asleep all day , but I still can't "get it together". My doctor would prescribe it for me if I could get it somewhere. Over the past few years when others have written about it , has anyone learned if it is being made in the USA? I am not getting any younger and it would be wonderful to get my life back lol Cookie K
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