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Window licker, just realized I didn't reply back to you.
you said:
Hey, wow, I can't believe you managed to do all that, I think a big problem for me is admitting to my teachers i have ADD, I don't like it being perceived as an excuse...though I guess thats exactly what it is...but I mean the bad type of excuse.

How did you go about appealing to your teachers without sounding like your just trying to make excuses and aren't putting work in? Thanks!

First of all, thanks for the "wow". it was hard work, I got depressed a lot but I didn't give up... I'm really really reallllly stubborn so that helped.

I have a problem with how you worded your post...
"Admitting" you have ADHD?
maybe I'm getting the meaning wrong, but I just feel that it's not admitting you have it. I understand that people have this totally stupid misconception about what ADHD actually is... and there isn't anything I can really do to change the mind of professors. I don't tell some profs. The accommodation letter just says I have specific accommodations.

To my friends, they all know I have ADHD... some still think the whole thing is a hoax, and make silly comments about "kiddie cocaine"... to which Irespond "Yeah, it's addictive, if you go and SNORT it." I've done the research on the brain region affected and speficically HOW it affects me and WHAT kinds of issues I have with information processing. I find that if I explain it to people in that way, they seem to get the idea that it's not just "Hii'mhyperandonritalinandigetspecialpriviledgesand specialtreatment".

No one says you have to disclose your "condition" to anyone, actually, I think it's against confidentiality (is that the word?) regulations to disclose that infomation in the school system here. Unless you want to.

What I usually do if I don't feel that an individual will be open minded about ADHD is that I've had tests done (for LD) that I have audio processing issues, and short term memory difficulties. And then if they look lost, I give a specific example. If you havn't been tested for LD, you could just say what you have difficulty with if the prof asks you when you give the accommodation letter in... or whatever. that's how it worked at my school anyway (letter saying I get extra time, private space, etc)

It's funny how sometimes I don't feel like revealing I have ADHD but other times I just don't care.
I did however have a really negative experience with a former employer... and that totally threw me off and gave me anxiety attacks about applying for the school board here (the person who runs special ed is MY PROF for a course I'm currently about pressure!!).

But then again, I've had a realllly positive experience where the father of a girl I'm a youth worker for (father and daughter both have ADHD) told me that he'd rather me (B.A. and ADHD) be working with his daughter than someone with a B.A. and who has read a lot about it. The girl also feels good about the fact that I "get her", unlike her Sp Ed Aide in her high school.

there will always be people who thing silly, misinformed things about ADHD... but why bother? Those who are going to brush me off as less capable are not worth working for. I've been fortunate to have had a realllllly awesome boss in the past, and the most recent work as a youth worker was odd... the people with the organization didn't really understand ADHD, they'd only been supporting people who had it. So I'm hoping that they'll realize what it's really about. A lot of the stuff that's said about the girl I'm working with is junk, I love working with her. It's just that people don't understand her.

But that's just me.
I'm still stupidly stupid about a lot of things.
It keeps life interesting.
Hope my rambling can be somewhat understood, my meds ran out about 3 hours ago.
"ADD?...yeah well, at least I'll never be accused of being BORING!!"
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