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drug holidays...possible for students?

Hi...I was diagnosed with ADD my sophomore year of college and my dexedrine prescription throughout the rest of my college career changed my life. I graduated in May and I am now in my first semester at law school. Law school has been a whole new world as far as my ADD. In my first few weeks, I ended up going through an entire month's prescription of dexedrine within 2 weeks just to get my required reading done for each day's class. My doctor has since upped my prescription but I still feel as though I have developed a tolerance to amphetamines in general.

I have researched so-called "drug holidays" as a remedy, but I need to know, from other college students out there, how to go about doing this. To keep up in my classes, I need to read at least 6, if not 7 days a week. I have also come to rely on dexedrine to get me though the classes themselves. Has anyone tried taking a drug holiday to revitalize the effects of their stimulant medication? How long of a 'holiday' does this require? Thanks so much.

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