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Okay I have been on this drug in the past....and would probably still be on it except I went into an inpatient treatment center and they claimed it was "addictive" and so they made me come off it and for whatever reason, I never went back on it.....

But I was on it for quite awhile along with my Wellbutrin (which I am still on)....for ADD.....and it did help my focus....the problem was it gave me HORRIBLE matter how early in the a.m. I took it....I would go to bed at night and without fail -- wake up in the middle of the night -- and not be able to return to sleep....EVER....But I do remember it did help with ADD symptoms alot...Like at the time I was on it, I was studying for a major professional exam...and the stuff does work....

I did not have any of the dangerous side effects noted above, i.e. the increased liver enzymes...

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