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Re: Reference For Local Doctors

If you're so inclined, I've got one to add to the list for West Michigan (Grand Rapids):

Oren Mason, M.D.
Name of practice: Attention MD

Unlike a lot of pdocs I've had the misfortune of seeing through the years, Dr. Mason actually *has* ADHD-PI, so he really does understand it. He handles adults and children, has authored a pretty helpful book on ADD & medications, and won't try to waste your time telling you to try diet & exercise first. He medicates, and does so *very* well. Oh, and he's not afraid to give adults an adult-sized dose.

His office doesn't direct-bill insurance companies, so you'll have to shuffle paperwork for your ins. provider to get reimbursed, but once you see him once or twice you won't care. I pay $100 for an office visit and just deal with the paperwork with Blue Cross later--he's just plain worth the trouble, frankly.
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