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Re: Where is my (fill in the blank here) !!!??

Originally Posted by DJ Bill View Post
I'm more asking in general tips for things that don't have a particular home. Maybe I really need to get serious about everything has a place and either it is in my hand or that place.
Things you use regularly that don't have a specific permanent place are difficult for me too. You use them and put them down wherever and then have no well-used memory pattern for finding them again. I just thought that what if something had multiple permanent places? A specific spot in every room just for it? That would at least lessen the places you would need to look for something you lost. If you managed to keep it up most of the time it might make things easier. I think I'll try this with my phone. Thanks for starting this thread, it made me think about this. I had gotten too used to the idea that phones are inevitably lost at regular intervals
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