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Re: Where is my (fill in the blank here) !!!??

I started putting my keys and wallet in the same place every time I come home. I've gotten to the point where it's rather automatic so I can usually find them where they are supposed to be. This works because I only need the keys or the wallet outside my home and have no need to carry them around inside. They are either with me in my bag or they are in their containers at home. (I admit that sometimes they still end up on the kitchen table.)

I don't have such a routine with my phones. I lose them regularly when I'm at home. Sometimes I find a phone on the hat rack by the door since it was in my hand when I came inside or in the bookshelf or on a pile or under a pile... I've started taking any phones I find to the same place where I keep my keys and wallet. I find I loose my smartphone less often since it makes noises every now and then and I use various apps and the timer regularly. Could you use the timer on the phone during the day so that the phone would make some noise at regular intervals and so you would remember to keep track of it?

The only way for me not to loose things is to learn to put them in the same place every time I stop using them. I don't have any magical solutions that make this easy. Dana White at "a Slob Comes Clean" has a good question for deciding where an item should live: "If I needed this item, where would I look for it?" You might try to notice what's the first place you go to look for something you have lost and perhaps try to work on making that the items permanent home.

Would a phone lanyard work for you or would it just be annoying?
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