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Re: A few blurbs I found regarding Hyperfocus

I think I just hyperfocused on this thread! lol (And read most of it, yesterday and today) Great thread!

I'm still.. reeling from it all, I guess.. my mind iz dazzled with some of the info

The need for
- structure
- deadlines or tests or other outside-imposed limits bring about hyperfocus or such.. (otherwise some limits need to be imposed too)

I guess I've Hyperfocused on some things at the Uni - and it usually turned out great: for example I got into the beatniks, researching all I could find, even memories of some descendents online.. And it was on my final exam, WOW! (And of course Professor was impressed...) I had this recipe to study everything a bit and then use intuition and really study in-depth some of the things that 'attracted' me.. (it could also be a bit random) it sorta worked...

I am still trying to make it work in 'grown-up life'. And sometimes it works. (Especially if there's a deadline or someone else making me do it..) For example, I may hyperfocus on something and want to make an article or a project out of it, but what if a few weeks or months later when it's assigned or approved I'm no more interested? And such.. ??? Many questions still abound.. I did find that sometimes reading my notes or new info about something or finding new aspects of it (or new, fun ways how to do or improve something, brainstorming is like a mind drug sometimes ) can bring the interest and hyperfocus back.. I think-?? Any other good tips?

Also, being around charged/driven, energetic and creative/interesting people can sort of 'charge' me and get me into hyperfocus, I think-??
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