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Coworker leaving...again...

This isn't really ADHD related I know but, I really have to get work done tonight and it's hard to focus. I need to vent but my boyfriend had to leave to work a 12 hour shift, and I guess I don't feel like talking on the phone...

I have to coteach with the PE teacher at my school. It's a weird job. The PE teacher has to work at 2 schools on top of a lot of other non-PE related responsibilities, and it used to be a part-time job.
I'm finishing up my 5th year here. It's a really really really busy job for me. But I do adore the kids to pieces.

Willow Year #1: I worked 2.5 days a week and worked with PE teacher #1, who was cool and had been there for a couple of years so he could help me out with things. His dream job - high school apparently - opened up and he left.

Willow Year #2+3: We hire PE teacher #2. I took on more time at the school. This was his 2nd & 3rd year of teaching, my 4th & 5th years. His 1st year was at another really tough school that got taken over by the state. A lot of people in our building who had been there for AGES retired in this time, so there were a ton of newbies in the building and it felt like such a huge learning curve for everyone. But, after year 2 together, I felt like he and I were starting to figure things out. But then he left suddenly. I don't think he went for a new teaching job, he moved back home with his family in another state. I think he was done with living far away from them and maybe done teaching too. I was starting to get pretty stressed out about things.

Willow Year #4: We hire PE teacher #3. He is up front that he has his eye on another PE job, which is high school + administrative in nature, but he plans to be with us for a couple of years. This is his 1st full time PE teaching job, but my 6th year of teaching. So like, you know, I feel I'm starting to have a bit of a mentoring role, even if I'm not actually his mentor. We all really liked him a lot though. At the end of the year, he finds out that there is a PE position open at the school where his dream job is. It's a one year position, and he would be paid more and get a foot in the door for the dream job. After that one year position, his dream job would open up, which was sooner than he expected. He left for the one year position.
I was like, at the end of my wits at this point, stressed, in general really depressed, I felt super rejected, I was in such a ****ty place at the end of the year last year and it was noticeable to my coworkers. I felt like if something didn't change, like if I couldn't get more actual help, I couldn't stay at the school cuz the stress was killing me.

Summer Between Year #4 and #5: The principal at the other school is starting to get pretty fed up with coming in every summer to do interviews for PE teachers. She essentially tells us it's our school's fault. The position has been increased to full time to make it more appealing. Everyone on the interview committee thinks that the PE teachers should also be offered stipends for all the extra work they have to do with me at our school [I agree, and I think I should be paid more too, while we're on the subject.......] My principal ******* blows that off in the most insulting way ever, he basically says the stuff we do isn't much [he has no idea what he's talking about] so we don't deserve to be paid for it. ARRRGGHHHH. I want to break things when I think of that. So, no, there will be no stipend.
One of the people we interviewed was a young lady who was actually quite excited about the weird job, and clearly wanted to be involved in coteaching. She was not in general the strongest candidate, or the best interviewer, but she had those things going for her. I argued for her. I tried to say if our half of the job was driving candidates away, like the other principal claimed, then maybe we should hire someone who seemed like they were excited about that part of the job. The other principal changed her mind conveniently and we went with the guy who [looked a lot like PE teacher #3, who everyone liked, and] had the most experience. He was professional, but he worked at a school for kids with special needs and hadn't had a public school PE position before.

Willow Year #5: Our principal also hired a part time aid for the arts and PE teachers (my brilliant idea which he seemed excited for at first). He split her time between us and the front office. Anytime there was a conflict, the front office got priority, which was unfortunate for us. The principal went from being excited to being immediately super critical of how we were using her time, and would come to meetings and make us all really defensive about her schedule, before we even had it all nailed down. It was so stupid and weird. None of us had ever had an aid before and I told him that the first year would not be perfect. We all seemed like we understood and agreed that that was ok before everything started, but then he didn't seem to care when it was actually happening.
I felt like having the aid was nothing but INCREDIBLY helpful. It was what we needed it to be. I didn't understand his dissatisfaction with the whole thing, but it seemed like right from the beginning of the year he was out to criticize. But, I could barely even put words to how helpful she was.
I also started taking antidepressants over the summer and oh my gosh have they made a difference. That combined with the help from the aid has made for a much much much calmer year this year. It's hard to explain but I spend far less time in the anger, hopelessness, and sadness pinball machine.

But a little while ago, the principal cut the aid's position for next year. Feels like such an FU. Our school budget was cut, so it's not the only cut position, but...there was no discussion, he presented his budget with no time for the school committee to look it over and discuss it. It's just stupid. I think if someone had let ME at that thing, I coulda found ways to not cut positions.

The PE teacher we hired this year also was a helpful hire. It was his 1st year being a PE teacher, but his 3rd year teaching overall (my 7th year). So again, a little bit mentor-y for me but not too much. It's funny because, apparently at the beginning of the year, I told my boyfriend that I thought this guy was no different from the others, and I said that he'll be leaving for a better paying position at a high school at the end of the year.
However, this guy actually got the PE office clean and organized for the first time since I've been working there. That room was a damned nightmare. It's so nice that it's clean. He ordered new equipment, and jumped in right away with researching lesson plan ideas for our classes. He actually helped create things with me!!! Like He Actually Had Opinions. And Actually Wanted to Teach Elementary School. And one time he even said he really liked the coteaching classes!

ALSO, we found out some months ago, the principal will be retiring this year. I feel excited about the lady who will be our new principal. She has spent time at the school, she has come to the kids concerts and our play, and she seems excited to support exactly what this school is all about.

Well, so, back to the PE teachers...I just found out today that PE teacher #4 got offered a job in a better paying district. Wow, I had forgotten that I called it. (Except this time it's for elementary school.) It would be a shorter commute for him, he just bought a new house...
He had to decide by 4 PM today. He wants to stay here, but he wants more money. He asked the principal for a stipend for all the extra work he has to do. The principal offered him a pittance. I'm serious. It's insulting. PE teacher said that's not anywhere close to the raise he would get if he took the other job, and told the principal the difference in figures. Principal said, yep, I would be torn by that too, but sorry I can't give you any more. And the principal also said that he could see PE teacher going far in the position, this school is a special place, if you leave you won't get back in up here probably, and like maybe one day I could see you sitting in the principal chair yourself. Which I thought was a weird thing and stupid to say, like, the guy's asking for money for the work that he is currently doing....I don't think badly of him, but he does not scream principal to me. He only just finished his first year of being a PE teacher. Can we just TRY to keep him here PLEASE???

PE teacher was upset and kind of shocked that principal wouldn't/couldn't offer him more. I don't know if he's decided to leave or not. He came to talk to me right away and I couldn' I told him I didn't want him to leave, but, I also couldn't really argue against the reasons for taking the other job......Except that I personally would NEVER go work at that school, because it's urban, it was taken over by the state 4 years ago or so which is why they're luring people there with moolah, and I much prefer our eye watering-ly charming rural community here. But that's probably just me, lol, so I didn't bring it up.

Ugh. I feel like when the new principal is here, she's GOTTA see...something has GOT TO CHANGE.

Anyways, I'm in limbo about whether to mourn the loss of this guy, or maybe everything will be ok and he'll decide to stay, because I'm too afraid to text and ask if he's decided anything?!?!?!? Aaagh suuuuuckkkkssss. And he won't be in tomorrow or Friday so I get the joy of being in suspense all by myself, I'm pretty sure he hasn't told anyone else, until Monday probably.
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