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This is just my honest opinion (and opinion of my pre-med girlfriend... hmm... a pre-med who could use a study aid you do the math...).

I believe, Barr and abrika use different ratio of left and right hand isomers of the amphetamine molecule. Specifically one uses a 50/50 and the other skips one and uses all of the exact same molecule. In BOTH cases this would pass FDA medical standards for drugs, but the company that has to make only one drug has less of an operating cost. Which one specifically uses a mix I haven't looked into yet, but I have a feeling it is BARR that uses a mix. And abrika uses only one isomer not both.

I believe this after having been on BARR for a month, then ABRIKA, then back to BARR this month. Also having done some very quick (as in i can not give you the journal article source to quote this from kind of quik) research, I believe that one isomer alone will only stimulate about 70% of the possible nerve fibers, and the other isomer is suppose to be arround 90% possible. The way you make it 100% is combine the two.

However, I dont KNOW which one is a combination and which one is a mix of the two. I do know that BARR gets me loaded like I was taking valium, when I switch to abrika I feel as though I am not getting as strong as a dose for the first two weeks then I feel more focused after 2 weeks. I think BARR uses only one isomer and therefor it feels like twice as much amphetamine, the other uses two different ones and feels like half as much as the other. After two weeks when I become a little more sensitive again (well, I seem to become adapted a little bit to the dosage) ABRIKA works better for me.

Well, thats my logic on it all. Take it as you will.

I will try to look for some research if you want me too. but I am rather busy studying my self.... I am a double major in Bioengineering and Biology with a minor in mathmatics..... again you do the math.
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