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Howard from suburban Philly

I'm Howard and I was diagnosed with ADHD last year, at the age of 37.

Being told I had ADHD was a bit of a let down. I grew up thinking ADHD was an imaginary condition, and my problems had to be more complicated than that. I had struggled with everything from learning to read and write to maintaining healthy relationships (professional and personal). But at least my trouble learning to string words together helped me develop a love for writing. As a teen I unwittingly turned writing into a therapeutic resource, even though I wouldn't seek the help I needed for another 20 years.

When I did get myself to a clinical psychologist, I lucked out by randomly choosing one who happened to specialize in learning and developmental issues. In the course of therapy I've found that many of my problems were aggravated, if not caused, by ADHD. While being diagnosed didn't fix everything, it was a huge first step toward finally figuring out a better life.

Better late than never, I guess.

I have a long way to go, and the people here have already been a great resource to me. The information is great. Even better is the ability to share the experience and moral support with other folks going through many of the same things.
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