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Originally Posted by mistaben
Hey you mentioned you were on adderall right? well:

talk to your psychiatrist and have her up the dosage (use the non XR if you have too) then take your normal, and when it is time to study take an x-amount more. I am fine in social situations off of 5mg, but I just cant study unless i get 10.

Check who your manufacturer is. I dont know about XR version but - for generic non-XR manufacturers DONT get (BARR), get (ABRIKA). Well, for studying at least.

Now, I KNOW, they are "SUPPOSE" to be exactly the same. Why then do they effect me and other ADHD friends in hugely apparent and different manners? As a student of O-chem I am willing to bet one manufacturer is using both optical isomers of the amphetamine molecule and the other isn't. It would still suffice for all of the FDA controls, but one would be cheaper to manufacture.... you do the math.

another, got a cable line or dsl? download edonkey file sharer. Download everything you can find on: brian tracy and time management. anthony robbins is good too. They can help you setup your motivation in the right areas.

Well, all the above is what works for me at least. Good luck.
Can you go into specifics on the differences/experiences you've had with the non XR generic abrika and Barr? I've been on Barr for about a month and basically have been getting a foggy kind of feeling, I just found out where I can get the Abrika version and I'm going to try it out tomorrow. Take it easy!
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