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Re: Ritalin - Instant to modified release transition

Upped the dose to 50mg yesterday, very different from 30mg. after about 40-60 minutes I almost felt "high", a strong feeling of well being. i read some articles about ADHD and School, and it all felt so smooth. I'm used to having to read through something 5+ times in order to get a slight understanding of what the f*** i'm even reading.
A+ on that part, very similar to the effect I got from 10mg IR.

HOWEVER, after about 3-5 hours the effect start to fade. I become lethargic, drowsy etc.
I was told by my doc that the effects of this type of Ritalin should remain active for 12 hours. I feel like it's 1/3 of that.
I've also lost 9kg since I started the meds so perhaps the Ritalin has a strong effect on my metabolism which kinda makes sense. I also take the meds on an empty stomach and I was advised to do so. Maybe try and eat something first?
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