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Re: what are the disorders that make up the autism spectrum disorders group?

HI , What about NT...Neurotypical Disorder / Syndrome?

Has anyone got any input on it? It is supposedly milder(less noticable) than Aspergers. I beleive MY 4 yr old daughter is more then just a little "Independent". She has meltdowns over things all the time , like not being the first to walk throught the front door or if you pass something to her she will freak that she did not get to pick it up herself. This is not just here & there... this is every little thing that happens daily...she will meltdown if she is not in controle. Also her twin brother has now been dx ADHD 2 months ago & is responding to ritilin miraculously.He is getting a lot more possitive attention as apposed to the Negitive he used to get. I think this Frustrates my daughter who was quite happy to be the "Good" child. She also has a little trouble contecting quickly to kids. At the playground she prefers to talk to the moms rather then the kids...her brother on the other hand (ADHD) Is all about the kids. As soon as we arrive at any playground with any kids he Shouts ," Oh good all my friends are here!"

2 other things that make me think she maybe NT is the fact that,
tho she was slightly delayed in beginning to speak....When she did, look out She spoke as clearly as an english proffessor. Never baby talk. She also studies body language to the extreme & uses it to better understand what people are expecting of her.

I welcome any input from Anyone who is familiar with this disorder .

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