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Re: Concerta;every day or some days for not to develop tolerance?

Originally Posted by Lunacie View Post
It would be interesting to hear from someone who lives with you or works with
you to see what kind of changes they have seen. It's possible the Concerta is
still working and you're not aware because you're just getting used to the way it feels.

As to whether long term use of stimulants cause a loss of dopamine neurons,
it's possible. There are probably other unknown changes. Some research shows
that when used in early childhood (elementary age) these meds can increase
growth in parts of the brain that have delayed development. As with anything,
we can only look at the benefits and the risks and make our own decisions.
Yes you're right, there are many brain scane images which demonstrates significant improvement in brain after treatment like that:Scan your Brain and Find its Secrets from IConnectDots blog
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Now: ritalin and medikinet
For about three years local corticosteroid pomades for atopic dermatitis.

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